Timeless. Effortless. Stunning! The Denim and Leather Feature

Have you ever noticed how your favourite pair of jeans seem to fit better and better the more you keep wearing it? Can we also just talk about the  authenticity leather adds to your style or outfit? What other materials do you know that can claim the title “OG” but our favourite clothing materials? I can’t think of any.


Quality and Convenience. The two words that pop into my mind the moment I think of leather and denim. I feel like everyone can vouch for the fact that buying a leather item means you get to keep  that item for the rest of your life. That the item has the potential to exist in your closet for quite a few generations down your bloodline. To the point where your grandchildren might get rid of it by selling it to a thrift store. Where self confessed “Thrifters” like myself will continue embracing it’s timelessness. 


Then you think denim. Tell me what one item do you have in your closet that will fit every occasion like denim? Denim has made its debut from the red carpets of Hollywood ( hello Britney and Justin?)  to the ‘dirty streets of Soweto’ ( I’ve never really been to Soweto but there’s a song in the ‘Sarafina’ movie that has a line that says that “LOL”). But the versatility of denim is beyond comparison! In a more practical sense, we literally live in denim, especially our jeans! And I’m quite certain your favourite item in your closet is a pair of jeans that you’ve “had for a while”. 


Not too long ago I came across a guy who sells the most beautiful jackets I had ever seen in one of my thrifting expeditions. I had the pleasure of being blessed with the coolest leather items I have no luxury of affording right now had they been sold else where in their brand new state. But lucky for me they were second hand and they were leather. The quality was still intact and my pockets not as deeply affected. I fell so deeply in love with them that I felt compelled to feature them on ‘That’s My Crown’. Plus with the help of my Style Review team, I am so excited to show you guys the beautiful pictures the talented ‘Luxolo Witvoet’ took of us as  myself and the soon to launch Style Review Panel  talked about our beloved denim and leather and what these “OG” materials mean to us. 

The Style Review on Leather and Denim

Ludwe Mlumbi


“Denim is the ‘Coca-Cola’ of fabrics. At some point in your life you’ve experienced it.”

Mkhokheli Brandt


“Denim for me is timeless. Something you wear effortlessly but knowing you will look hella great! Whereas combined with leather, it gives you that edge.”

Thando Dingela

(wearing pink cap)


“To me denim and leather are some of the most iconic, yet still relevant pieces of material in fashion. Not only they still the best trends today, but they also make you feel badass for a night out a groove. And as sturdy leather and denim can be, they are also very comfortable for any look: semi-formal, casual, retro and most importantly – they occupy all moods and days.”

Asanda Gege


“Denim and leather are like one of the oldest and most widely used material like ever. As a self-confessed ‘Style Slayer’, I just cannot afford not to have them in my closet. And anyone who knows me knows that for a fact!”

Thamaga Mohale

“Leather for me sort of brings out my personality. I feel like people who wear leather are mostly associated with negative things – just like we are as black kids. I wore the  mask and used the gun to bring out society’s depiction of what I am as a black child. Whereas I’m really just a free black kid who abides by the law.”

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you, The Style Review. Soon to be Cape Town’s hottest creative review panel!


More stunning images by the brilliant Luxolo Witvoet.






All photography by: Luxolo Witvoet

Featuring: The Style Review


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