The Night of Queens – Royalty at its best!

They came, they slayed and they ruled! Like the true royals that they are, they ignited the stage with flames of fire, set tongues wagging and eyes wide open. Who am I talking about? Your ‘Royal Highnesses’ of course – women who dominated the stage and left us in awe of their talent and majestic presence.

It’s been exactly one week after these fabulous women reigned at the ‘Night of Queens’ hosted in Marimba Lounge, CTICC. An event brought to us by Tiny Kimora Hlangane, a Queen in her own right. In association with Pincode Concepts, the events company that brought us the hip hop sensation – Emtee, not too long ago at the same venue.

One of the event organizers approached me to invite some of my designer friends to take part in the fashion show; Valerie Amani of ‘Kahavrah’, Sammy-Joe Gordon of ‘Gordon’s House of Six’ and my favourite jewelry designer right now, Frankie Herwels of ‘missAnke Jewels’. They loved the concept and jumped right on the wagon!

Then I had the pleasure of meeting other awesome designers like Liziwe of ‘LZ Designs’ and Busi Bantshi of ‘Busisiwe Bantshi Creations’. I also got to witness the powerhouse that is Melissa Europa of ‘Meleur’ on stage. I can say this without any hesitation; the fashion show was by far the best line up in the program! It’s unfortunate that I couldn’t stay for the after party, but at least I got to jiggle to the funky mixes of Her Majesty, Kimmy C, right before I left.

Overall the show was a success. I didn’t get to listen to most of the speakers because I was walking the runway. In fact not only was I walking the runway, but I was the first model to do so! Yes I said it, I was a model. An actual ‘Noami Campbell’ for the night! I don’t want to lie, for the first few seconds I almost had a mini heart attack. But with anything that I do, I sucked it up and owned the moment and what a thrill that was.

I asked my dear cousin and designer in the making, Ludwe Mlumbi, to take as many pictures of the event as he could. And I must say, for a person who is not a photographer, he showed some pretty impressive skill. As a result, I have the honour of showing you guys just a glimpse of the awesome night that belonged to Queens.


Miss Amani was the first designer to take the stage. And her refreshing new collection ‘Rebirth’, which in her own words represent ” a fresh new start. Clean and pure”, certainly set the tone for ultimate class and impeccable presentation.


Gordon’s House of Six

Trendy. Urban. Sexy. Stylish. The designer duo truly outdid themselves on this one. The pink undertones, pop of colour and suede neutrals are just every girls summer wardrobe must-haves!


missAnke Jewels

What a way to end the show! Every single aspect of missAnke’s show was perfection. The amount of creative energy this woman puts into her jewelry was exactly what you got to witness in her show. Tribal excellence is all I have to say.


LZ Designs

The moment I saw these pictures, one word came to my mind, ‘Goddess’. From the deep melanin tones of her model’s, to the vibrant and natural greens of her collection. The prints, the attitude! Everything just blended and it was truly a godly spectacle to witness.


Ross Marriday

So if you’re not reading this post for the first time, you will notice that I forgot to include another worthy mention from the Night of Queens. This amazing woman collaborated with LZ Designs on her beautifully crafted hand stitched leather bags! Yes, HAND STITCHED! According to this Queen, she uses the finest Full Grain Bovine and Game Skin Leather to create the perfect accessories. All of that using her hands with no machines! Can we all just #bowdown

Busisiwe Bantshi Creations

Bantshi brought class to animal print! Tell me who else can claim to have done that? I loved the subtle traditional undertones of her collection. Looking at it, I felt like I was eating a bowl of fresh fruit salad: Different fruits with different textures that create a bomb of mouth-watering flavour the moment it enters my mouth! The animal print, the silk, the Xhosa inspired artwork, the class… just everything!



One word? Boss. I have never seen more confident, voluptuous, stylish and trendy woman till the moment Meleur models entered the stage. After seeing these beautiful Queens, I feel like every woman walked out of that venue believing that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to without any limitations or approval from anyone or anything. They literally lit the roof on fire!


A special thanks to Tiny Kimora Hlangane and her team for putting together this beautiful event. Cheers to many more!

Yoli x


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  1. Kenlow says:


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  2. Assay says:

    Great post wifey 😍- I’m sorry I couldn’t attend, I had to take care of things…. busy making moves too *rollingeyes*

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    1. You really did miss out! But all the best in everything you do ❤️


  3. fazline says:

    Stunning Bags Ross Marriday 🙂

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  4. Ross Marriday says:

    Fabulous Yoli, you have captured each and every designer so perfectly.. Well done! 😚

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    1. Thank you and thank you for your beautiful work ❤


  5. Ludwe says:

    Amazing amazing.

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