Jills and Jacks of all Trade

As always, the world was in a chaotic tremor when Beyoncé was awarded as this year’s CFDA Fashion Icon at the awards ceremony held in New York City.

In true Queen Bey style, the winner wasn’t announced until the very last moment when Diane Von Furstenberg ‘name-dropped’ her IVY Park line with Top Shop in her winner announcement speech. And it sure set tongues wagging!




Diane’s Instagram post with Beyonce, the current CFDA Fashion Icon.

It’s no dispute Beyoncé is a well deserving candidate of the honorary – although I know quite a few people who might disagree – but that’s a story for another day. What sparked my interest most was Diane’s mention of the evolving dynamics in the fashion industry.

Although quite vague, I remember a time when a person – in any industry to be exact – was defined only by their chosen occupation. Where, for different reasons, they could not attain any other title besides their chosen trade.

A doctor was just a medical practitioner who was there to diagnose, or possibly help cure illness. A designer was a dressmaker who clothed people in style, or just so they weren’t naked. Musicians and singers were there to entertain us and we expected nothing more or less from them.

But as DVF mentioned, nowadays things are extremely different. The fashion industry on its own is probably the most spontaneously vibrant industry there is. People are always looking for different ways to look good and present their talent to the world. As a result, with fashion being so competitive – people have an insatiable hunger for more great ideas and unique trends with edge.

“Editors can be bloggers and bloggers can be editors.” – Diane Von Furstenberg.

The Internet ‘bloggershere’ has taken the world by storm! We live, breathe, and even eat the Internet (not in any literal sense of course). But bloggers are now the go to trend spotters of our time. They make perfect models and great ambassadors to propel any brand to success. She also made mention of the fact that – probably the most revered people within the industry (the Miranda Presley’s aka Anna Wintour’s of the world) – editors, have now become celebrities in their own right and vice-versa.



Diane announcing this year’s CFDA Fashion Icon.

Her brief but compelling reflection of the industry we love so much, to me was nothing short of a rude awakening. For both the people that are new to fashion and the “Old G’s” that have been in this business for years.

Talent, like DVF also mentioned, is the core of why fashion is so great. Talent inspires great and world changing ideas. Well executed talent is why we love, respect and honour people like Beyoncé. But the great thing about this generation is that talent can be explored in many different ways. It doesn’t need to be boxed into just one thing.

People have the potential to be great at anything they set their minds to and be the ‘Jacks or Jills of all trades’.

For anyone starting out, explore as many facets that are linked to your passion as possible. Yes you are a designer – but try getting into photography, editing, writing, make-up, the list is endless. Try as many things with as much accuracy as you can, do not limit yourself. And for the people that are already established, don’t be afraid to try new things. Do as much as your abilities can handle, for all we know – you might just be the next best singer/designer with a stethoscope around your neck!








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